A prepaid Mastercard®

CBlib will become Kobian

It changes nothing

Your services remain the same

New features coming soon!

Your CBlib Card in full freedom

An account without bank

No credit checks

No agios or overdraft fees

Can be used immediately after purchase

Buy online and shop at merchant in full freedom

Safe uses MasterCard SecureCode

Great alternative to bank account

Do not spend more than the amount

Your account is personal and confidential

The freedom to travel in total security

No cash or traveller's cheques

No loss of spending control during your holiday

The freedom to transfer your money

Card to card transfer in France and abroad

Share money with your family

Why choose CBlib

  • No hidden fees
  • Accepted at all merchants
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs
  • Sending money in France and abroad
  • Account management
  • Mobile banking service

Who is CBlib for


| Buy without risk and confidentially online

Buy directly from MasterCard® merchants partners around the world or online with your CBlib Card secure and discreet with MasterCard® SecureCode. This card is not directly tied to any bank account and allows you to spend only the available loaded amount.

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| Keep your budget under control

CBlib is your additional credit card dedicated to your recreational and extra-budgetary spending. Carry out most of your bank operations, you can also receive your wages, social benefits, etc

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| Secure your international payments

Peace of mind when traveling with your CBlib Card! No need for traveller's cheques or currencies changeover, you can pay and withdraw money everywhere within the MasterCard® global network.

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| No risk of overdraft fees or premium to pay

You are just graduated and you start working? Keep your budget under control and gain your financial independence thanks to your CBlib. Get your CBlib prepaid MasterCard without any credit checks.

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| Keep your personal and business expenses separate

Your CBlib Card allows you to separate your expenses bill from your personal expenditure

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CBlib is also....

| Offer as a gift card the CBlib prepaid MasterCard

Be sure to please your loved ones by providing them a CBlib prepaid card loaded with the amount of your choice and usable at all merchants.

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How to use CBlib

  1. I order my card

    I buy my card online and I create my account in just a few seconds.

  2. I activate my card

    • On the Internet
    • On my CBlib mobile app
    • Via SMS (Send Active and your IdCard number at the following number 06 47 00 40 25)

  3. I load my card

    • with my bank credit card in my online account

  4. I use my card immediately

    • At any merchants who accepts MasterCard
    • Online safely and confidentially
    • At ATMs to withdraw money
    • To transfer money to my family in France and abroad.

CBlib Mobile

Soon available

CBlib App gives you an access to your personal account directly from your smartphone or tablet. You can control and manage your money in full freedom, 24 hours a day wherever you are!

CBlib app was designed to facilitate the daily use of your CBlib Card, while offering you a full range of services!

  • Mobile bank services
  • Reload your CBlib Cards
  • Transfer money from a card to a CBlib card

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